Business Relationship Management. How to improve?

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Business Relationship Management. How to improve?

Why know more about Business Relationship Management? Why do a course? Why get certified?

All relevant questions when people look for help in the Business Relationship Management space. The real question is: How do I improve? How do I change?
Your first step needs to be your willingness to change… but that is so obvious… you are interested in improvement (otherwise you might not have clicked on this link).

Let’s be clear: It is not about getting a certificate, it is not about attending a course. It is about improvement. 

So… Let’s talk about learning objectives, coaching, helping you improve.

Assess what you want to improve. 

Business Relationship Management Assessment

Questions to ask are: Are you interested in Business Relationship Management (BRM) because it it your job? Are you a team lead for a BRM team? What are your expectations? How do you learn best? Is this required for you to move into a new position? Is a certificate important? Are you ready to change?

The answers will guide you into what learning method is best for you. 

If you need help with the assessment, we have consultants that can help you unearth the answers. It is part of our consulting services around BRM. We can also help you with coaching your Business Relationship Management team.

Learn about Business Relationship Management

Based on the answers from the assessment you can decide to do one of the following:

  • Get your (executive) management team in an BRM Overview session. This provides a high level overview of BRM and can help to get acceptance within management for BRM
  • Attend a Business Relationship Management Professional® (BRMP®) course with exam. It is about your improvement, so you can bring this to your team. You can attend an online (instructor-led) course or a public course (open enrolment, at a location)
  • Organize a Business Relationship Management course for your team. We offer the courses at your location. In this setup we can adjust the topics of the course, so your team gets the best value out of the course.

Contact us if you want more information. We can offer a solution that fits your Business Relationship Management team needs through a combination of consulting and education.

Improve your Business Relationship Management team

In our courses we promote that you write down your learnings and make a list of what you want to improve in your daily work. Think about what support you require to make that happen.

In this phase we often provide coaching services to you and your team, so we can help you improve. It is not as easy as it looks, and our consultants (coaches) help you navigate through the obstacles, so you see results – not only for you but also for your business partners.

Don’t stop

You should not stop here. Assess the results of your improvements. Take the next step for improvement. Never stop improving. 

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if you have questions. We are here to help you improve.

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Business Relationship Management Simulation

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Business Relationship Management Simulation

Grab@Pizza – The path to becoming a strategic partner to the business.

Increase the Performance of your Business through the creation of a high performing IT department that goes beyond service provider and becomes a strategic partner

Your team runs the IT department of one of the World’s largest Pizza companies. Your task is to support the business with excellent IT products and services. The market is highly competitive which forces your Business to design new products, develop powerful marketing and sales initiatives and develop a high level of operating excellence with a fast, low cost, high quality order and delivery process. IT plays an important role in enabling the business to achieve its strategic aims.

Your challenge in this Business Relationship Management (BRM) simulation is to align yourself with business demands and organize your IT capabilities in such a way that the Business can achieve its targets for lowering operational costs, increasing revenue and market share, and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

During this one day interactive workshop you will play 6 rounds. Each round represents one month in the lifecycle of Grab@Pizza. In each round you will need to:

  • Analyze the current performance of your IT Infrastructure and organization;
  • Identify the Business requirements and demands for IT solutions;
  • Make decisions about resources, workload and priorities;
  • Calculate the IT costs for this round and make investment decisions;
  • Plan Application Development activities and plan the Change Calendar;
  • Propose and implement improvements to align IT performance to business needs.

At the end of each round the team will be confronted with the actual performance of the Business in terms of:

  • Business Sales figures;
  • Business Operating costs;
  • Customer satisfaction.

Learning Experience

This Business Relationship Management Simulation will teach the participants how to become a High Performance IT department – a strategic partner for the business department. The team(s) will be faced with the need to align their IT capabilities to changing business needs, reflecting the challenges facing many IT organizations. At the end of the simulation you will experience the convergence of the Business and IT.

  • How to deliver agreed IT Services with limited resources. Limited in terms of budget and employees.
  • How to minimize your IT costs by optimizing people, processes and supporting technology.
  • How to use your Supplier effectively.
  • How to prioritize IT investments and workload, in terms of Maintenance & Support and Innovation & Development.
  • How to translate Business Requirements into the required IT Services.
  • How to plan application development activities, prioritize the projects/changes planned on the Change Calendar.
  • How to minimize potential business risks threats to continuity caused by poor availability, capacity and security of the IT services.
  • How to realize and demonstrate business value.

This Business Relationship Management Simulation will teach the group how to deploy the People,Process, Product and Partner capabilities to create a strategic partner.