Giving Back to the Community – ITIL Foundation

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Giving Back to the Community – ITIL Foundation

Service Management Art recognizes that in the current economic climate in Alberta that many IT professionals have lost their job and are actively seeking employment. Many employers are now requiring ITIL Foundation certification as part of their hiring requirements. This has created a barrier to gainful employment for those without this certification and represents another hardship in an already difficult time.

In partnership with Bob Swan of Swan Management Solutions, we are pleased to offer a fully accredited ITIL Foundation course at the subsidized rate of $600 + GST. The course includes 3 days of instruction, breakfast/lunch and the certification exam on the final day.

Further information regarding ITIL Foundation can be found here.

In order to qualify for this subsidized course, you must currently be an unemployed professional. Please contact our office at in order to register.

Course Details

Giving Back to the Community – ITIL Foundation
Start Date: Monday January 18, 2016
End Date: Wednesday January 20, 2016

Deerfoot Atria – North Building
Conference Centre 155
6815 – 8 Street NE
Calgary, AB

Price: $600 + GST

For further information or to enroll, please contact our office at or via telephone at 403.219.4195.

Frequently Asked Questions BRM Professional Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

for the Business Relationship Management Professional Course® (BRMP®CKmb89kWIAAS2EF

On a regular basis we receive questions about the Business Relationship Management courses. Below are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that is not in this list or you want to know more about a specific answer, feel free to contact us.

To register for a course click on the images below.

ICON_Online_v3   ICON_Classroom_v3

What is the content of the course?

The course discusses the BRM role and the BRM organizational capability. The following topics are part of the course:

  • Business Relationship Management as an organizational capability.
  • The role of the Business Relationship Manager
  • What is Strategic Partnering
  • How does Portfolio Management support BRM
  • BRM and Governance
  • Value Management
  • Relationship Improvement techniques
  • Business Transition Management
  • Powerful Communication

For more information on the topics click here

What material is used in the course?

Every student will receive:

  • Student guide. This guide has all the slides, sample exam questions, official sample exam and syllabus. The student guide also has references to relevant paragraphs of the BRMP Guide to the Body of Knowledge.
  • BRM Professional Overview 

Each student is required to purchase the BRMP Body of Knowledge. Members of the BRM Institute can download the PDF for free.

Does the course include the exam?

Yes, the course includes the exam.

What is the structure of the exam?

The exam consists of 50 multiple choice exam questions. The duration of the exam is 40 min. The pass rate is 50%, which means you need to have 25 questions or more correct to pass.

The exam is paper-based and is written on the afternoon of the last day of a class. For online courses students will receive an exam voucher for an online exam. This exam must be written within 30 days of completing the course. 

Is it possible to rewrite the exam?

Our current pass rate is above 95% for all BRM courses we deliver. Our trainers will make sure you are prepared for the exam. During the course we will provide you with sample exam questions and the official sample exam from APMG – these questions will be reviewed during the course. In the unlikely circumstance you do not pass the exam, rewrites are available for purchase. 

English is not my first language; can I get additional time for the exam?

All students that have english as a second language can request additional time to complete the exam. Please let us know if you qualify for “English as a second language status” when you register for the course, so we can take the appropriate action.

Who will be the trainer?

We have multiple trainers that teach Business Relationship Management course. Each of our trainers have many years of experience as consultants and will provide real life examples during the course. We cannot guarantee a specific trainer for open enrolment course; for dedicated courses it is possible to request certain trainers if they are available.

What are your pass rates for the exam?

Our current pass rate for BRM courses is above 95%. We have trained hundreds of students in Business Relationship Management.

Do you offer other courses for Business Relationship Management?

Yes. In addition to the BRM Professional accredited course we offer the following courses / workshops:

  • BRM Introduction (half day or full day)
  • BRM Executive Overview
  • BRM simulations

We can work with you to build a workshop that meets your organization’s specific requirements.

Do you offer BRM coaching?

Yes. All our trainers / consultants are available for coaching BRM teams. We can discuss with your team which improvements provide value for your team. We will support your team with advice and by facilitating workshops. The coaching is focused on making sure you will receive the value you are looking for.

Can I get a discount?

Discounts are available for group registrations in our open enrolment courses, and for dedicated courses at your location. Call us for details.

All students that register and attend a BRM Professional course will receive a 50% discount on their new or renewed Business Relationship Management Institute Membership.

What are your class times?

Our open enrolment class room session run from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm for all 3 days. Online (instructor-led) courses are 5 consecutive sessions that are each 3 hours in duration (with exam prep session on request). Online classes will be scheduled based on specific time zones.

Dedicated classes (classroom or online) can start at different times if that is a requirement.

Is it possible to get an exam voucher instead of writing the exam on the last afternoon of the course?

Yes, we can provide you with a voucher to write the exam online after the course. The exam must be written within 30 days of completing the course. 

Is there a formal designation?

Yes, when you pass the BRMP exam you can add the letters BRMP behind your name.

Do you offer courses world-wide?

Yes. We offer courses and workshops in different cities across North-America and Europe. Online courses can be delivered world-wide. 

Business Relationship Management Professional®, BRMP® and the BRMP® logo are registered trade marks of Business Relationship Management Institute.

Business Relationship Management Course in UK

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We are organizing an BRM Professional course in Birmingham, United Kingdom. If you are interested in attending please register at the following link.

Show the next months in

Course Location Dates Price exc. TAX   Status
Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) View Dates Calgary, AB, Canada Sep 11 – 13, 2017 2,995.00 CAD

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

Calgary, AB, Canada

Sep 11 – 13, 2017

2,995.00 CAD exc. TAX


Register Now » Available
Register Now » Available
Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) View Dates Seattle, WA, USA Sep 20 – 22, 2017 2,495.00 USD

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

Seattle, WA, USA

Sep 20 – 22, 2017

2,495.00 USD exc. TAX


Register Now » Available
Register Now » Available
We currently do not have any courses scheduled. Please contact us to register your interest in this course and we will work with you to setup a session or discuss training alternatives.

Business Relationship Management Simulation

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Business Relationship Management Simulation

Grab@Pizza – The path to becoming a strategic partner to the business.

Increase the Performance of your Business through the creation of a high performing IT department that goes beyond service provider and becomes a strategic partner

Your team runs the IT department of one of the World’s largest Pizza companies. Your task is to support the business with excellent IT products and services. The market is highly competitive which forces your Business to design new products, develop powerful marketing and sales initiatives and develop a high level of operating excellence with a fast, low cost, high quality order and delivery process. IT plays an important role in enabling the business to achieve its strategic aims.

Your challenge in this Business Relationship Management (BRM) simulation is to align yourself with business demands and organize your IT capabilities in such a way that the Business can achieve its targets for lowering operational costs, increasing revenue and market share, and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

During this one day interactive workshop you will play 6 rounds. Each round represents one month in the lifecycle of Grab@Pizza. In each round you will need to:

  • Analyze the current performance of your IT Infrastructure and organization;
  • Identify the Business requirements and demands for IT solutions;
  • Make decisions about resources, workload and priorities;
  • Calculate the IT costs for this round and make investment decisions;
  • Plan Application Development activities and plan the Change Calendar;
  • Propose and implement improvements to align IT performance to business needs.

At the end of each round the team will be confronted with the actual performance of the Business in terms of:

  • Business Sales figures;
  • Business Operating costs;
  • Customer satisfaction.

Learning Experience

This Business Relationship Management Simulation will teach the participants how to become a High Performance IT department – a strategic partner for the business department. The team(s) will be faced with the need to align their IT capabilities to changing business needs, reflecting the challenges facing many IT organizations. At the end of the simulation you will experience the convergence of the Business and IT.

  • How to deliver agreed IT Services with limited resources. Limited in terms of budget and employees.
  • How to minimize your IT costs by optimizing people, processes and supporting technology.
  • How to use your Supplier effectively.
  • How to prioritize IT investments and workload, in terms of Maintenance & Support and Innovation & Development.
  • How to translate Business Requirements into the required IT Services.
  • How to plan application development activities, prioritize the projects/changes planned on the Change Calendar.
  • How to minimize potential business risks threats to continuity caused by poor availability, capacity and security of the IT services.
  • How to realize and demonstrate business value.

This Business Relationship Management Simulation will teach the group how to deploy the People,Process, Product and Partner capabilities to create a strategic partner.