Art. Hmm… really? 

Dealing with ‘Change’ everyday?

homepage-thumbnail-changeWelcome to the Club. The landscape changes continually for all departments, organizations and companies. We all know that ‘The Customer Experience’ is critical to the bottom line. Increased customer attention, increased customer trust and increased customer service, should be the key focus of any Business Relationship Management, Service Management and Governance strategy to stay competitive with other serious players in the marketplace. Rarely is the customer experience what it should be, since most people don’t embrace change willingly.

‘Turning the Key of Willingness’ is truly an… Art!

What is ‘Art’ anyway?

homepage-thumbnail-artArt [ahrt]

“The employment of means to accomplish some desired end; the adaptation of things in the natural world to the uses of life; the application of knowledge or power to practical purposes.”

To accomplish your goals, get results and achieve desired success, you will have to apply your improvements in IT Strategy, Business Relationship Management, Governance, Service Management and Customer Experience in an artful way.

In other words, if you:

1. Don’t know exactly where you’re going

2. Don’t provide the right reasons for people to do what you want them to do

3. Don’t have the right systems well, don’t be surprised… when you don’t arrive.

It’s simple really: If you Don’t, it Won’t!

What’s the ‘Service Management Art’ difference?

homepage-thumbnail-smartAlong with our Service Management Art’s IT Strategy and BRM Consulting and Education Services (ITIL®, COBIT®, BRMP®, CBRM®, Lean IT), we stand out from our competitors by helping you unleash the value of your business, your projects and your people with SMA’s exclusive techniques to create a more positive reception to change within your organization. Change will be welcomed, not feared.

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